Welcome to Choi’s Dragon Martial Arts!!

At our professional academy we specialize in enhancing your mind, body and spirit through martial arts. We’ve been dedicated to improving the lives of the Sterling community for more than 15 years.


At Choi’s Dragon Martial Arts, we can teach you and your family how strengthening the body with martial exercises can heal and improve your lifestyle. Through our martial arts program, students can build a foundation of discipline, physical control and boost their confidence in a safe environment. Our experienced Masters and instructors will have a positive impact on each student by challenging them to achieve and perform to their best ability – physically and mentally.


Please come by our secure facility to see how we can enrich your life with a curriculum designed by Grandmaster Choi and drawn from traditional Korean styles.


Today, everyone is making an investment into their mental and physical health. Our students, adults and kids alike, learn many things that they can carry into the future that we know will bring them a better way of life.


At Choi’s Dragon Martial Arts, we strive to improve the lives of our students, so they can be more effective in our community and in their lives. By teaching martial arts techniques, exercises and philosophy to our students, we give them the ability to start a positive cycle in their own lives, and to pass this along to family, friends and future generations.


The true meaning of life is to improve one’s own physical and mental health so you can, in turn, have the confidence strength and knowledge to help others. This is the focus and purpose of Choi’s Dragon Martial Arts.