Learning Shouldn’t Stop After School!

Choosing a care provider for your child can be a difficult decision. You want a safe, caring setting that will do more than keep your child occupied while you’re at work. You want your child to to grow and learn.


Our goal at Choi’s Dragon Martial Arts is to provide students with quality after-School care and training in a safe and fun environment.


Our after-school program approaches your child’s growth and education holistically.


In our after-school program, students learn the fundamental skills—like critical thinking, creativity, and innovation—necessary to be more successful at home and school and throughout their future lives.


We even provide tutoring and encourage all students to complete their homework before they go home.

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Registration Information

To register for our after-school program, complete the Student Information form below and bring it in with your first payment.

If you want your child to be picked up at school, complete the Transportation Authorization form and bring it to your school.

Download the After School Registration Form (PDF)

Download the Transportation Authorization form (PDF)

Pickup time is between 6:00 and 6:30 pm



Your child will quickly improve in strength, stamina, speed, balance, agility and discipline as they progress through the Taekwondo belts.



Our martial arts students demonstrate increased self-confidence, respect, self-esteem and concentration.



Our STEM program allows students to be hands-on with a wide range of challenging subjects, such as programming, engineering, science, and math.



Teach your child valuable life skills, such as focus, confidence,teamwork, respect, manners,discipline, and fitness.


Our Fun, Safe Self-Defense Classes will help boost your Kid’s Self-Esteem, getting them stronger and healthier.


Get a jump start on next school year’s curriculum. We can help with homework and prepare our students for academic testing.


Our exceptional teachers will work closely with your child to enhance English, reading, and math skills.


Learn basic engineering and programming concepts through hands-on projects to build simple machines and structures.

After School FAQs

What is the STEM Afterschool Program?

We offer a quality after school enrichment program for K-6 graders, including a complimentary student bus. Our STEM program is appropriate for students who need a safe and conducive environment to complete their assignments. We are a ONE STOP SHOP for you entire academic and enrichment needs!

How do I sign up?

Fill out a registration form or visit our center at 45975 Nokes Blvd, #130, Sterling VA 20166.

When is payment due and can I pay weekly?

All services are pre-paid. Yes, you can pay bi-weekly, but we prefer monthly payments for better planning and scheduling.

What happens if my child forgets something at school?

Drivers are not authorized to go back to school for the safety of all students.

What happens if there is early dismissal or a snow day?

If there is early dismissal from school, we will pick up the students at no additional fee. We will provide all-day camp on snow days and teacher work days. All-day camp is from 7:30AM to 6:00PM and costs $20/day.

Choi’s Dragon STEM After School is open every day, Monday to Friday from 11:00AM to 7:30PM and Saturday from 9:00AM to 2:00PM

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