Choi’s Dragon Birthday Parties are more than memorable – they are monumental!!


You will be amazed at how much fun kids have from the moment the party starts, until it finishes. They not only want to stay longer, but will be eager to return for another. Anyone can have a birthday party at our facility. We don’t have a limit on the number of kids joining our parties, as long as we can accommodate everyone comfortably and safely. The party includes fun instruction in Tae Kwon Do, birthday cake presentation, special cake cutting, board breaking and more – a must attend and see event! So please contact us for more information on our birthday parties for your child.

 The host family provides:

Birthday cake with candles, lighter, and knife

Tablecloth, spoons, forks, napkin, and plates

Decorations and goodie bags (as desired)

Call us at 703-450-8801 for more details

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