Grand Master Sang Choi challenges our students to achieve their best, both physically and mentally, in every taekwondo class.


Our after-school program offers a wide choice of activities, including math and English tutoring as well as STEM training.


Our seasonal program is jam-packed with field trips and other fun activities to keep children entertained.

Our parties are a great way to celebrate special milestones in your child’s life without the normal hassle and cleanup.

Learning a martial art benefits students in so many ways… They learn respect for themselves and others. Their self-confidence, concentration, self-discipline and self-restraint all improve — often right along with their academic performance and school grades!


Get in the best shape of your life! Improve your strength, flexibility, a real boon both at home and at work and overall health. Our adult students also discover that Taekwondo reduces stress and increases self-confidence and concentration.


Learning a martial art is one of the best ways to spend time together as a family! Taekwondo builds mutual respect and improves overall communications.  Children and adults alike can practice together, encourage each other’s development and celebrate each other’s accomplishments!

Learn from the Best

Grand Master Sang Choi is a 6th degree black belt Taekwondo instructor. He was the top Korean champion between 1986 and 1987 and was a Special Force instructor in 1989. He taught his university’s martial arts demonstration team in South Korea for 6 years and was awarded the Virginia Governor Award in 2013.

Grand Master Choi is committed to being a positive role model for all his students. He has created a very special environment at his Sterling studio. Instructors challenge their students to be their best in everything they do. The experienced masters at Choi’s Dragon Martial Arts teach Taekwondo from a foundation of structure, discipline, and physical control. Our safety record is exceptional, and our students’ achievements breath-taking.